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European Movement in the first International Fair of Ecology, Nis

European Movement in Nis has participated in the First International Fair of ecology, energy efficiency and sustainable energy sources, which was held in Nis on 31. May 2010. The fair was focused on the rational use of natural resources and preserving and protecting the environment.

On the stand of the European Movement were presented the achievements in architecture and sustainable buildings, as well as conceptual and technical solution of ecological settlements. There were presented the small sports hall as well as sustainable energy building by Milinkovic Company, which are built in Boljevac, in Beograd (Surcin). Visitors had the opportunity to see the premiere of the future look of the Nis Fortress, which is preliminary design that won the contest, and the work of members of the European Movement in Nis and students of Civil Engineering - Faculty of Architecture of Nis. The stand of the European Movement was visited by the Minister Oliver Dulic, the Mayor of Nis Milos Simonovic and Rector of University of Nis, who expressed pleasure at finding creative, innovative and useful solutions in this area.

Common problems and necessary joint planning and solving issues relevant to sustainable development and economic growth, require synergy at various levels of politics, economics and science of every society, and especially our, that passes through the transition to the social, economic, scientific and the educational level. We are convinced that the initiation of such events in Nis is a good start and comply with the requirements of nature and man.


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