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Founded Umbrella Organization of Serbian Youth


The European Movement is one of the founders of the Umbrella Organization of Serbian Youth (KOMS), union of more than 50 organisations and associations dealing with youth. Constituent Assembly was held during the three-day conference from 10th to 13th March, 2011 in which about 80 delegates worked in four working groups on many topics, such as design, program and plan of Umbrella Organization of Serbian Youth.

Plans in the statute, cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other public institutions, cooperation with other civil society organisations and relationships with local and regional Youth organizations, united in a draft Action Plan KOMS for 2011. On the third day of the conference was held the Constituent Assembly on which was voted the articles of association, statute and rules of functioning KOMS.

Elections for the KOMS was also held, on which was voted the President of the Board Grozdanović Vukasin, the President of Youth JAZAS in Novi Sad. In addition the Board elected Monitoring Committee, chaired by Miljan Radunovic from AEGEE Beograd. A delegate of the European Movement, Petar Pejic was also elected to the Monitoring Committee and Marina Milanovic from the Volunteer Center of Nis for the President of KOMS's Assembly Speaker.

Support to the establishment of a KOMS was given by Ivana Kovačević, State Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports, who pointed out that she seen the alliance as a great strength of young people with whom the state will continue to cooperate to improve their position. Petar Matjašič, the president of the European Youth Forum and representatives of Umbrella organizations of young people from Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria, were also present at the conference and shared their experience with colleagues from Serbia.

Establishing a KOMS is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Fund for an Open Society Serbia.


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