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The European Charter for the city of Nis

Signed the European Charter
for the city of Nis

European Movement - Nis is offered to the signing of Local European Charter - a document that is included in the ten points of fundamental principles of the functioning of a modern, European local government in the interest of the citizens of Nis, Charter is offered holders of 15 electoral lists in the city of Nis and accepted by the political 4 Party, Democratic Party, G17 *, the Liberal Democratic Party and reformist party of Nis, and publicly signed in the presence of a large number of journalists and representatives of civil society, which confirms the dialogue between civil society and local politicians.

For many years in Serbia was unthinkable that the political parties, public signature obavežu citizens to respect and work in the interests of their citizens in developing and establishing a visible and public, efficient and professional administration.

His signature are obliged to respect European principles of the rule of law and democracy which will become the city of Niš place of dialogue, tolerance, free initiative and entrepreneurship

This is according to President EM-Niš, Mile Vujić reflection of the political maturity of parties and a clear sign that finally naziremo outlines the knowledge that the power-Service.

Milos Simonović-President of the Democratic Party in Nis, expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the Charter and said that it is a natural time after the signing of the Agreement on Stabilization and Association Agreement and the final chance to through the application of the principles of good government, citizens feel boljitak in all segments of life.

Niš is worthy to live a dignified and without lies, to lifetime in the shortest period of time in the modern, prosperitetan and the European city, said city manager Predrag Jelenković Committee LDP. I called on other non-governmental organizations to join the initiative EM and devote efforts to comply with all segments of Charter.

Branislav Jovanović * G17-president stressed that the long-term commitment to the implementation of European values in this party, and thus is a logical act of signing the Charter, as the first concrete step the implementation of standards in local government.

All present are agreed on the necessity of implementation of each item and expressed his satisfaction with the Charter, which are themselves participants in the creation of a modern future of this city.






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