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Conference "I wish, i could"


10th and 11 May 2011. year, at the hotel, "The Wanderer " in Novi Sad, held a conference titled " I WANT and CAN" network " EFFORT" organized, and that presents the documents and passed the professionalisation of youth work.

At this conference were presented and passed the following documents:

  • The curriculum for first-and second level education of youth workers;
  • A mechanism for the validation of previously acquired skills and knowledge; -Action Plan for implementation of training and validation;
  • Annual work plan and budget. On that occasion the prize award plaques "Commendable EFFORT" for extraordinary achievement of high quality youth work.

 Adoption of these documents is an important step towards the development of professionalism in youth work in Serbia, because it provides the basis for the establishment of educational programs and certification exam which will lead to opštepriznatih diploma for youth workers in Serbia. In the future we will work to ensure that these documents are recognized and recognized by other actors, notably government and educational institutions. This will gain the legitimacy that is necessary for youth work was recognized as a profession in Serbia.

At the Meeting, besides representatives of member organizations EFFORT, attended by representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Secretariat for Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, as well as a representative of our partner networks, "Youth for Exchange and Understanding." Assembly was financially supported by Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia and the European Commission Delegation to Serbia through the project "Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue Serbia and the EU".


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