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On August 1, 2011 in Sofia took place the official ceremony for awarding of the subsidy contracts under the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme. Thus, the European Movement started the implementation of a project „Publicity, Transparency and Partnership-a Basis for Social and Regional Development” together whit Bulgarian Foundation for Transparent Regulations

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01.09.2011. Youth Day

By the decision of the city of Nis since this year the first of the september has officially became the day of the youth of the city of Nis, whereby Nis became the only city in our country which this way promotes ideas of the young people. The European Movement, in line with its goals of action and dedicated work with young people took part in the celebration of youth day of Nis...

18.05.2011. Master workshop on social entrepreneurship ...

In Nis on May 18, 2011 at hotel Tami by CRNPS master workshop was held on the topics of social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.

The workshop was attended by 20 representatives of local NGOs in southern Serbia and representatives of several NGOs of English who came to Serbia in the exchange project CRNPS. The workshops are presented the basics of social entrepreneurship and success stories from home and abroad.

The European Movement was at this event presented by Mila Vujic



10th and 11 May 2011. year, at the hotel, "The Wanderer " in Novi Sad, held a conference titled " I WANT and CAN" network " EFFORT" organized, and that presents the documents and passed the professionalisation of youth work ...

09.05.2011. The Day of Europe


In the series of events dedicated to THE DAY OF EUROPE, Nis will be the whole month in the spirit of Europe.

Basketball Tournament ''In meet the Edict of Milan" - Nis 2011.

Sponsored by the City of Nis, with the blessing of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej, organized by the Youth Junior Basketball Club, with the support of the European Movement, in the period of 20 to 23 April 2011. has held Youth Basketball Tournament ''In meet the Edict of Milan" (U16 and U14).

The participants were teams from Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania and Serbia. Among sport spirit, contribution to building tolerance and understanding were the faces of the young participants who radiated satisfaction.



10.03.2011. Founded Umbrella Organization of Serbian Youth

Umbrella Organization of Serbian Youth
The European Movement is one of the founders of the Umbrella Organization of Serbian Youth (KOMS), union of more than 50 organisations and associations dealing with youth. Constituent Assembly was held during the three-day conference from 10th to 13th March, 2011 in which about 80 delegates worked in four working groups on many topics, such as design, program and plan of Umbrella Organization of Serbian Youth.



10 - 11.12.2010. Final Four tournament

“FINAL FOUR EUROBALKANS 2010” was held In Nis, on December 10th-11th 2010. It was organized by the Alliance for School Sport Nis, Department of Sport Skopje and the European Movement, and sponsored by the city of Nis and Skopje.

31.05.2010. International Fair of Ecology

European Movement in the first International Fair of Ecology, Nis
European Movement in Nis has participated in the First International Fair of ecology, energy efficiency and sustainable energy sources, which was held in Nis on 31. May 2010. The fair was focused on the rational use of natural resources and preserving and protecting the environment ... more 

30.04.2010. The Day of Europe

Celebration of The Day of Europe
It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to attend this year's celebration of Day of Europe. European Movement in Nis, City of Nis, University of Nis, the Society of Urban, Student Cultural Center, Society for Children and Youth - Open club, this year marking the Day of Europe devoted to art of communication with the slogan "Communication painted by beauty of understanding"   more

30.03.2010. Euroregion Eurobalkan

Activated Euroregion Eurobalkan
In Bulgaria was signed an agreement that will activate and intensify cooperation within the Euroregion “Eurobalkan”.

Mayors of Nis, Skopje and Sofia Milos Simonovic, Yordanka Fondakova and Koce Trojans are the signatures of the agreement, made concrete step in the process of realization of the idea of defining and developing a common region more

19.02.2010. Defining the strategy of foreign policy of Serbia

Defining the Strategy of foreign policy of Serbia
On the 19th February at the Law Faculty in Nis, was held a public debate on the topic "Defining the strategy of foreign policy of Serbia", organized by the European Movement.

The project goal was to exposure different concepts of foreign policy and show the mechanism of development and adoption of strategic documents, to start a public debate about the definition of directions of foreign policy of Serbia and the initiation of formal adoption of Serbia's foreign policy strategy.


18.02.2010. The round table about Strategy of cultural development of the city of Nis

Directions and modalities of international cooperation the city of Nis in the cultural fielde
The round table titled "Trends and modalities of international cooperation between the city of Nis in the field of culture" was held on 18. February at the Media Centre in Nis.

On the table are presented elements of the Strategy of cultural development of the city of Nis, and domestic and foreign experts took part in the field of cultural cooperation. It is expected that this conference is the beginning of connecting of all Constantin’s cities in order to participate together in the organization of the great Christian Jubilee - 1700 years since the adoption of the Edict of Milan.

In front of the European Movement, attended the president of Mila Vujic.


31.12.2009. Spain new chairman ..

Spain new chairman, Belgian first president of the EU

Spain come into his fourth presidency of the European Union, along with the new rules issued by the Lisbon Agreement, which is the permanent division of work between the chairmen of six months and a permanent chairman.

The first permanent chairman is the Belgian Herman van Rompuj, president of the European Council.



European Movement in partnership with International Academy, Novi Pazar and French Culture Center, under supervision of Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, realize project on republic level.

" Modern kingdom without king"

Main objective of the project is popularization and promotion of the idea of the EU of learning on the simplicity and acceptability of learned way of accepting information starting with the childhood all the way to the old age.

More about project  

Book promotion “The Modern Kingdom Without A King”


Videos from the promotions

You can see the atmosphere from our promotions in those videos, which we made for you… Please, take a look... Please, take a look...

Finished promotions across Serbia

The last of the promotions was held in Novi Pazar, on 30.09.2009., in the hall of Multimedia Center. You can see the pictures in the gallery

In Belgrade, on 28.09.2009. was held another presentation, in the hall of SKC (Student’s Cultural Center). The pictures from that evening you can see in the gallery

On Friday, 25 09.2009., in the Ballroom of Executive Council of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, we have promoted our book “The Modern Kingdom Without A King”. You can see the pictures in our gallery

In Zrenjanin, where we were on 24.09.2009., Thursday, in the City Library “Zarko Zrenjanin”, was held another promotion. You can see the atmosphere in those pictures

The seria of book promotions “The Modern Kingdom Without A King” proceed in Kragujevac, on 21.09.2009., in the Public Library “Vuk Karadzic”. You can see the pictures in our gallery

We begun in Nis, on 03. 09. 2009., on the scene of National Theatre. The pictures are in our gallery

On 01. 09. 2009., we made a press conference for the medias, apropos the beginning of promotions of our book “The Modern Kingdom Without A King”. You can see the pictures from the press conference in the gallery

Preuzmite saopštenje za javnost i raspored promocija


Modern Kingdom on Women’s Race

On Sunday, 08. 03. 2009., was held the traditional Women’s Race, and on that ocassion a team of “EM” promoted the project called “The Modern Kingdom Without A King”. Please, take a look what medias wrote about that happening, and also our gallery



Sweden assumes EU presidency
On Wednesday, July 1st 2009, Sweden took over the EU presidency, following six months of Czech presidency. The priorities will be managing the global economic crisis, addressing climate change, judicial cooperation in EU, The Baltic region strategy and expanding the EU. Sweden announced it will support Western Balkans countries accession to the European Union and liberalization of the visa regime for the countries in that region.

26.05.2009. National convent on the European Union in Serbia

Third Assembly of the WG Regional Cooperation took place in Nish
On behalf of the organizers, the assembly was opened by the president of the European Movement Nish - Ms. Mila Vujic expressing great pleasure that such great number of esteemed participants and guests from foreign countries, as well as stressing out regional cooperation as one of the essential priorities in the process of EU accession ...

09.05.2009. European day

"I have an idea - Modern kingdom without king"
Street performance “I have an idea - Modern kingdom without king” was hold apropos Europe day 09.05.2009 in Obrenović's sreet in Nish, square in front of the "Kalča" and European House in Obrenović street, in organisation of EM.

You can view photos from this event in our gallery section.

09.05.2009. European day

"Creative together"
For the occasion of Europe day, the exibition "Creative together" of painters from Nish was opened last night. The exibition was opened by Mila Vujić, the president of EM and Dušica Davidović, councilor of city of Nish, together with artists from Nish.

You can view photos from this event in our gallery section.

09.05.2009. European day

"In the flame of passion"

For the occasion of Europe day there was a scene play
"In the flame of passion" last night in overcrowded Academic theater.

You can view photos from this event in our gallery section.


07.04.2009. National convent on the European Union in Serbia

Third Assembly of the Working Group Environmental Protection
in the Mayoralty Building of the city of Nish, on April 7th, 2009., third assembly of the Working Group for the Environmental protection of the national convent on European Union took place ...  more

25.03.2009. The Third conference on youth policy in Serbia

On 25. March 2009.year in the Palace of Serbia was organized the Third conference on youth policy in Serbia, titled "TOGETHER TOWARD VISION", organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia ...

Zlatibor, 12.-15. mart 2009.

"Embed effort" conference
During the period from March 12th to 15th 2009. National Association of Practitioners of Youth Labour (Nacionalna Asocijacija Praktičara/ki Omladinskog Rada) NAPOR was established, and it represents the initiative of civil organizations for the constitution of a top national Association made of individuals and civil organizations which are conducting youth labour on the territory of Republic of Serbia  more


Meeting ambassadors of EU member in Nis
City of Niš was the host of ambassadors of member states of European Union, which for the first time held their regular meeting in the city During the French presidency EU 22 ambassadors of EU countries in Serbia and Head of the Delegation of the European Commission Žozep Ljoveras the first time in Nis, in the town house, held their regular meeting ...


Policies and actors in the field of equality between men and women

At the invitation of the European Commission, our president Mila Vujic is paying in Brussels in the P2P studtours 30,766 women in the business as a representative of our country more


France chairs the Council of the European Union
Presidency on the occasion of the beginning of the French Council of the European Union, French Ambassador to Serbia Jean-Francois Teral held a press conference in Embassy of France 1st July 2008.


In Nis signed the European Charter for the city of Nis
European Movement is offered to the signing of Local European Charter - a document that is included in the ten points of fundamental principles of the functioning of a modern, European local government in the interest of the citizens of Nis, Charter is offered holders of 15 electoral lists ... more

01.- 02. december 2007.

The first Assembly of the Association of South-Eastern Europe of non-governmental organizations - CIVIS
ANon-governmental organization Association of South East Europe - CIVIS - is 1 and 2 December 2007. organized its first Annual Assembly, as well as one conference on the theme "Status of civil society in the region of South-Eastern Europe". CIVIS Association was created from the desire to create an umbrella organization that would include in its membership and non-governmental organizations and foundations from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Hungary. This association aims to name all members of a unique performance in one of the "four pillars" the Council of Europe - Conference of international NGOs, which has more than 400 members. Speakers at the conference were Mr. Zoran Pusić, chairman of the Civic Committee for Human Rights in Croatia and Mr. Miljenko Dereta, president of civil initiatives in Serbia.. Special guest at the annual general meeting was the first president of Macedonia, Mr. Kiro Gligorov. 

Parliamentary elections, 11th May 2008

"VOTE Europe - see FUTURE"

Poverty Reduction

Good governance





Environmental Protectione
European Movement will start the campaign go out and vote: "VOTE Europe - see the future", which should be incentive holdings to citizens of Serbia to go out and vote in large number on parliamentary , provincial and local elections 11th May 2008.

Elections will be held in an atmosphere of hard euroscepticism. In these circumstances EM wants to stimulate pro-European oriented fellow citizens and eurosceptics to give their contribution to the stability of democratic institutions and the implementation of the European agenda. We will try to remind fellow citizens know what actually means the European way, and why is the integration of Serbia into the European family of nations choice of leading secure and safe future, at the same time motivating you and all holdings citizens to use their democratic right and vote in parliamentary , provincial and local elections.

Campaign "VOTE Europe - see the future!" Is positive and educational, and its basic goal is to inform the public about the benefits of the integration of Serbia into the European family , and start the action-oriented pro-European citizens, in order to raise the level of European awareness and build democratic institutions of our country. This would also contribute to Serbia stay in the European way, as the only orientation that provides democratic and economic progress of our country.

European Movement


Signed Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union
The European Union and Serbia signed by noon today in the Luxembourg Agreement on Stabilization and Association Agreement.

National strategy for Youth

"Make a national strategy for young people: the concept life"
European Movement, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, organized sessions of working groups on the topic of "National Strategy for Youth" When drafting the national strategy for young people out of postojećih domaćih and international documents, experiences and examples of good practice from the region, and also of the belief that youth policy must become an integral part of the political agenda of Serbia, because the strategy is a strategy for youth development, strategy for the future in Serbia.



Protocol of Cooperation the city of Nis and the European Movement in Nis







Activ projects: welcome to Germany!


Poster kampanje EU za socijalna prava - deo ravnopravnosti izmedju zena i muskaraca.




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