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Third Assembly of the Working Group Environmental Protection of the National Convent on European Union


In the Mayoralty Building of the city of Nish, on April 7th, 2009., third assembly of the Working Group for the Environmental protection of the national convent on European Union took place.

On behalf of the organizers, the assembly was opened by the president of European Movement in Serbia / Nis, Ms. Mila Vujic, stressing out how pleased she is to see so many participants from the region. The opening speech was given by the mayor of city of Nis, Mr. Milos Simonovic. After the mayor’s address, Mrs. Biljana Blazevic Zec (Fund for Environmental Protection of RS) in her thirty minute address presented economic instruments in the are of the environment. The assembly was continued with a presentation of the Action plan for carrying out the National strategy for sustainable development by professor Slobodan Milutinovic, head of the Group for socio-economic issues working on the development of the National strategy for sustainable development.

Previous presentations were an excellent lead into the discussion, that all participants took active part in. It was a very fruitful discussion, and it produced recommendations that will be distributed to all the partakers of the Working group, institutions in the region and institutions in the Republic of Serbia. 

The assembly was continued with the presentation from Mrs. Sonja Popovic (Regional group for waste management of the Nisava Region) and Mrs. Nela Cvetkovic (City council for ecology, tourism and catering, city of Vranje) the theme of which was Issues of financing local self-government in the area of the environment. The activities of the organizations and local governing bodies in the area of the environment in the region, on this assembly in Nish, were discussed by Ms. Tatjana Velickovic, head of the City committee for protection of the environment in Leskovac, as well as Lazar Krnjeta, president of the Association of Utility corporations of Serbia – Komdel and Ljubinka Kaludjerovic representative of Standing conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia. Internal expert of the Working group was professor dr. dragan Todic. Afterwards the discussion followed, that 11 members of the working group and 20 representatives of local authorities, civil and business sector of the region took part in; Nish, Leskovac, Pirot, Babusnica, Dimitrovgrad, Kursumlija, Ecopolis network.

Summing up the assessments, thoughts and suggestions brought forth at the assembly new conclusions and recommendations were reached.





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