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Third Assembly of the WG Regional Cooperation took place in Nish


On behalf of the organizers, the assembly was opened by the president of the European Movement Nish - Ms. Mila Vujic expressing great pleasure that such great number of esteemed participants and guests from foreign countries, as well as stressing out regional cooperation as one of the essential priorities in the process of EU accession. The mayor of the city of Nish, Mr. Milos Simonovic reflected on the previous achievements of the city of Nish in the area of regional cooperation, pointing out current projects and presenting future plans for the advancement of regional cooperation, not only for the city of Nish but for the entire region. In his presentation, Mr. Milan Simurdic (Forum for International Relations) reflected on the conditions, obstacles and possibilities in the area of energy efficiency. Representative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce stressed out the cooperation in the area of trade related to the CEFTA, and the ways in which carrying out of this agreement can influence the regional cooperation.

An extremely fruitful discussion followed these presentations.

The owner of “Pakom” Nish, Mr. Dejan Pavlovic, accentuated the problems faced by Serbian businessmen in the area of IT technologies; he also presented concrete suggestions pointing out the importance of rapid integrations. Mr. Mollov emphasized the positive experiences in the area of trade from the period of Bulgarian EU accession, after which the necessity of improvement of technologies in the area of energy conservation was stressed out.

In the second part of the assembly, our distinguished guest from the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Belin Mollov, advisor to the Minister of Regional Development of the Republic of Bulgaria, introduced the attendants to the experiences of the Republic of Bulgaria in the process of accession to the European Union and after the EU membership. Concrete possibilities for the local municipalities to participate in the EU funded regional programs. Mr. Peter Stoyanov, the president of The Institute for Managing Programs and Projects from Sofia, stressed out the necessity of presenting information and being public with the endeavors, and he shared the experiences that produced greatest results in Bulgaria. In the discussion that ensued, relevant experiences were exchanged, and those experiences contributed to the advancement of knowledge in this area of great importance for this region. After the discussion, in which the members of the working group participated, as well as over 20 guests summing up the results, thoughts and suggestions brought forward at the assembly ratified new conclusions ad recommendation. Internal expert of the Working Group was Mrs. Jasminka Kronja. The assembly was attended by the mayors of cities and municipalities of Nisava, Pirot and Toplica District, representatives of public, business and civil sector, as well as institutions of the republic of Serbia.





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