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Power is power but oak is honor

Citizens association: European Movement, GM Optimist stop ecocide in Serbia, Serbia Permaculture, Environmental Media Services Serbia, Green Initiative of Vojvodina, Green List of Serbia, and a large number of individuals, inform citizens of Serbia that tomorrow at 11 am, the fate of the oak Savinac will be decided

We express our deep disappointment, because of lack of goodwill by competent and professional representatives of institutions in finding innovative solutions for the purpose of saving the life of this magnificent centuries-old oak tree. The very fact that the plans for corridor 11, were made without a clear and professional matter, according to key elements of the basic principles of sustainable development, speaks enough about the reason for the revision of this section of the road. We wanted to believe that it is enough to suggest the correction of errors at the expense of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Serbia. We pointed out the possibility that it is necessary to find a solution to get a highway and save national assets.

We believe that what is necessary to those who made this tough oversight, must bear full moral and financial responsibility to the entire Serbian nation and should not be anyone's protection in the implementation of their obligations

Ten thousand people in last ten days signed a petition to protect this national treasure. There will be a much more. What is necessary is wisdom of competent to hear the opinion of the citizens of Serbia, which clearly states that they are not against infrastructure projects, but they are against the damage to the environment and cultural heritage. We recall that there is no legal basis to restrict access to the national good.

Is there going to be enough wisdom to get a highway and the oak as well?

We urge to executive, in order to demonstrate responsibility trough their actions towards its citizens, Serbian national heritage, cultural and natural heritage of the whole Europe.

Will the Serbian government prove that it is a state of its citizens? Will the institutions show that they are doing their job professionally and diligently? Are we a wild society in which individuals from the executive are making decisions rashly, on behalf of the 7.120.000 Serbian citizens, we will found tomorrow at noon! We hope that the Serbian government recognizes that national wealth cannot be alienated or destroyed by incompetent management. We remind you that you haven’t answered, how and in what manner, as well as by what team of expert, you plan to move with guaranties this beautiful oak tree, a symbol of Serbian statehood. The entire public needs to know who will be responsible if this record, older than most sacred sites in Serbia, does not survive.

How much respect we have for the postulate of a democratic society, as well as how much we moved away from the idea of apsolut power and dictatorship, we will find out tomorrow. Our confidence is with you, along you prove by your actions that you are protecting the interests of the people and the planet Earth.

We persist and we say: when an injustice becomes a law, resistance becomes a duty!

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